When your customers demand greater responsiveness

DATA CONTROL helps you to accelerate and optimize your data streams

Optimize your data flow through our technology

Our goal is to actively participate in increasing the productivity of our customers by providing them with the tools and guidance needed to improve their hardware and software infrastructure for greater efficiency / security processing their data flows

  • Solutions
    Network Operators

    Your subscribers will continue to demand more from your network. YouTube, FaceBook, online music sites, online games, applications and other content consume more bandwidth every day. The clustered cache solutions and distribution platform of DATA CONTROL allows operators to increase quality of their customer experience, while saving network bandwidth consumption. PRODUCTS

  • Consulting

    DATA CONTROL gives its customers expert advice to secure, improve and optimize their infrastructure systems and networks. DATA CONTROL can also develop and integrate software components necessary for efficient Network Data processing requested by the client.
    DATA CONTROL also specialises on custom designed web-filtering solutions as per customers requirements based on regional/national legislation and regulations. SERVICES